Current Projects

  1. 12993: UGANDA

    The church closest to the village was almost ten miles away - a huge distance for the members who either walk or go by bicycle; a few may afford taxi fees. The leaders of the main church identified and began grooming a man to be the pastor of what was initially a 'preaching point'. This young man too the calling seriously and attended Bible School. After graduation he was installed as the pastor of the new congregation, which until recently met in his house. The 110 (and increasing in number) members needed a permanent place of worship. The amount required is relatively small because half of the roof is done, and a partner has already committed to give $1,250.
    $0.00 donated of $1,250.00 goal
  2. 12994: MALAWI

    Realizing the demands of long-distance traveling (walking! by many members) to the mother church, the leaders decided to plant a branch church. With increasing faith and hard work, the congregation members obtained the land and built a church to serve the approximately 350 members (children included). Most of the adults who have employment work low-paying jobs that are often inconsistent.
    $0.00 donated of $4,400.00 goal
  3. 12996: GUATEMALA

    A mainline church dominates the beliefs of people in this village, but for most of them their faith and membership mean very little. A newly-saved young man enthusiastically began witnessing and saw three families respond to the gospel. His zeal grew, as did the number of born-again believers. To better serve them, he attended and graduated from Bible School and now leads the growing congregation. Given the lowly economic circumstances in the area, the believers' zeal and cooperation yielded a beautiful building that will serve the community for years to come, and be home to a fast growing congregation that speaks the Qechi language and upholds the evangelical statement of beliefs.
    $0.00 donated of $4,350.00 goal
  4. 12997: INDIA

    Responding to the call of God, the pastor visited this village but was rejected by the local population. When he revisited the village later, he learned that the person most prominent in the resistance was very sick. Though she refused many times for the pastor to pray for her husband she eventually agreed. The miraculous improvement in the husband's health led to both of them yielding their lives to God. The former 'Saul of Tarsus' was so deeply touched that he changed his name to Abraham! He then made his house available for services, The newly saved people soon outgrew the space, and a church was built.
    $0.00 donated of $1,250.00 goal