Native Church Program

The Native Church Program serves as a channel for God’s love to be shown in a very practical way, by providing funds to congregations in developing nations to complete their church buildings.  This Program works because the congregation has to do their part by raising the walls up and so have ownership of their building.  The NCP then comes in to help the local congregation get their roof up, we help them to “concentrate on the Lord, not on rain and or shine” during their worship times.

The Goals of the Native Church Program are:

  • To extend God’s love in a practical, measurable way
  • To enable people, churches, families, groups, and businesses opportunity involvement in church growth by sponsoring or co-sponsoring these churches
  • To provide those interested a connection with a real congregation so they may be prayed for
  • To provide background information of the socio-economic situations in which the churches are planted and growing
  • To fund one roof per day around the year

How You Can Help