The Native Church Program serves as a channel for God’s love to be shown in a very practical way, by providing funds to congregations in developing nations to complete their church buildings.  This Program works because the congregation has to do their part by raising the walls up and so have ownership of their building.  The NCP then comes in to help the local congregation get their roof up, we help them to “concentrate on the Lord, not on rain and or shine” during their worship times.

The Goals of the Native Church Program are:

  • To extend God’s love in a practical, measurable way.
  • To enable people, churches, families, groups, and businesses opportunity involvement in church growth by sponsoring or co-sponsoring these churches.
  • To provide those interested a connection with a real congregation so they may be prayed for.
  • To provide background information of the socio-economic situations in which the churches are planted and growing.
  • To fund one roof per day around the year.

Current Projects

How You Can Help

  • By committing to sponsor or co-sponsor a church from application through completion:  for $50 per month = $600 per year, or more – up to the full sponsorship.
  • By praying for the congregations that are sponsored.
  • By telling friends, relatives, and churches about this exciting opportunity.
  • By sponsoring another project once one is completed.

Each project application is prayerfully considered and approved for a certain amount.  This amount is reflected in the “Full” column.  “Half” indicates the amount needed to sponsor half of the project.  “Needed” is the amount not yet covered by other partners.  Any commitment of $600 or above to a given project is considered a part sponsorship.  Repeated or one-time gifts of any amount are always welcome!

If you prefer, you may send a check to Christ For The Nations at P. O. Box 769000, Dallas, Texas 75376-9000. Please include a note stating your giving designation. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. In accordance with IRS regulations, any contribution is made with the understanding that Christ For The Nations has complete control and administration over the use of the donated funds.

Christ For The Nations, Inc., is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the State of Texas.

13083: Buganza, UGANDA
The church got started with five people in 2011 and now has 207 members (Including children) in a village of about 900 people. There are very few evangelical churches anywhere close. These precious people need $1,800 to complete the roof.
13084: Katine, UGANDA
Now with 137 members including children the church was started in 2016. The village is one of 66 in the district of which the total population is 43,000. Most of these inhabitants follow either traditional religions or Islam. $2,700 more needed to complete the roof.
13085: Gasembye, UGANDA
The pastor got saved while working as a maid in a God-fearing family’s home. Their encouraged led to her planting this church in a Muslim-dominated area. Starting with 12 people in 2015 the congregation now has 176 members -many formerly Muslims. $2,275 more needed to complete this roof.
13088: Sikohwe, UGANDA
Begun by seven (mostly of one family) members in 2002 under a mango tree, this church now has 144 members in an area with 4,400 inhabitants. Most of these follow traditional beliefs. $3,750 needed to roof this church.
13090: Omurang, UGANDA
Six people started this church many years ago in a very resistant area. As they and others persisted, the gospel is effective and led to this church now having 178 members. Ninety of those are children. $4,600 is needed to complete the roof.