• Facilities Department


  • Full-Time


A/C Mechanic is an individual who can diagnose and repair issues and perform routine maintenance tasks for our facility. The successful candidate will use diagnostic equipment to pinpoint issues and develop a cost-effective solution for each project. The ideal applicant will have exceptional client service skills and be willing to spend the necessary time explaining issues to the team and helping them understand the service needs.

The property is a 60-acre campus with buildings ranging from professional office spaces, school dormitories, to apartments and independent facilities. We need an A/C Mechanic with experience who can work on a wide range of projects to create a well-rounded maintenance team.


  • High school diploma or equivalent required
  • Trade school and/or community college
  • Obtain and maintain required certification(s)
  • Familiarity with the latest diagnostic equipment and tools
  • Exceptional customer service skills and a friendly disposition
  • Ability to work in a team environment

Special Requirements:

  • Ability to pass a background check and drug screening
  • Lifting may be required up to 80-100 pounds, example bag of concrete
  • Ability/Certifications to Purchase, remove and install Freon
  • Valid Texas Driver’s License

Duties and Responsibilities

A/C Mechanic may be referred to as HVAC Technician and is responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. These professionals work in industrial, residential and commercial settings.

  • Respond to calls for repair and maintenance on air conditioners
  • Comply with all applicable standards, policies, and procedures, including safety procedures and the maintenance of a clean work area
  • Ask questions to determine nature of problem and make mental notes to choose the correct tools to take along
  • Write down a list of material and supplies needed for installation purposes
  • Install air conditioners in apartments and commercial buildings by following standard installation protocols
  • Test installed air conditioners to ensure that they are in proper working condition
  • Repair air conditioning units by performing analysis and troubleshooting activities
  • Perform maintenance activities such as changing Air Filters regularly, cleaning A/C grills/coils and filters on installed air conditioning systems
  • Replace A/C systems that are not in a fixable condition
  • Provide staff with information on operating air conditioning systems to derive complete benefit from them
  • Repair or replace defective equipment, components, or wiring.
  • Test electrical circuits and components for continuity, using electrical test equipment
  • Record and report all faults, deficiencies, and other unusual occurrences, as well as the time and materials expended on work orders
  • Test pipe or tubing joints and connections for leaks, using pressure gauge or soap-and-water solution
  • Recommend, develop, and perform preventive and general maintenance procedures such as cleaning, power-washing and vacuuming equipment, oiling parts, and changing filters
  • Lay out and connect electrical wiring between controls and equipment according to wiring diagram, using electrician’s hand tools
  • Install auxiliary components to heating-cooling equipment, such as expansion and discharge valves, air ducts, pipes, blowers, dampers, flues, etc.
  • Assist with other work in coordination with repair and maintenance teams
  • Install, connect, and adjust thermostats, humidistats and timers
  • Generate work orders that address deficiencies in need of correction
  • Join pipes or tubing to equipment and to fuel, water, or refrigerant source, to form complete circuit
  • Cut and drill holes in floors, walls, and roof to install equipment, using power saws and drills
  • Wrap pipes in insulation, securing it in place with straps, hangers or wire bands
  • Fabricate, assemble and install duct work and chassis parts, using portable metal-working tools and welding equipment
  • Familiarize yourself with Campus hierarchy, buildings and locations
  • Must be able to work independently and with minimal supervision.