FMC Credentials

Benefits of having Christ For The Nations FMC credentials:

  • Relationship with accountability.
  • Support, encouragement and assistance.
  • Increased credibility through identification with a world-wide organization that   emphasizes integrity and responsible Christian conduct.
  • Retreats for pastors and ministry leaders
  • Regular communication keeping members engaged
  • Annual Spring conferences keeping the vision of our members alive
  • Scholarships to attend CFNI.

CFN FMC has been commissioned by Christ For The Nations to be the official credentialing office of Christ For The Nations. Christ For The Nations licenses and ordains approved applicants.

Those desiring credentials must apply through the CFN FMC Credentials Committee. Once you are licensed or ordained by CFN you must continue to be an active member of the Fellowship of Ministers and Churches in order to have valid credentials.

Those credentialed with other organizations may opt to transfer or they may hold dual credentials.


Two levels of credentials offered by the CFN-FMC:

1 – License 

A Minister’s License is granted to those who have demonstrated both a calling and an ability to minister. They shall give evidence of being actively engaged, and have purposed to give themselves wholly to the propagation of the Gospel.

Persons holding a Minister’s License have been given authority to pastor and oversee congregations, perform weddings, funerals and all sacerdotal functions. These licenses will be reviewed annually by the Credentials Committee.


2 – Ordination 

Ordination may be granted to those involved with a definable primary ministry over an extended period, and who devote a significant amount of time to such ministry. The candidate for ordination should also demonstrate maturity in character and attitude, and be sound in doctrine and Biblical knowledge. Accepted candidate shall be ordained by the laying on of hands by a presbytery composed of ordained ministers (must have been licensed for at least 2 years).

A person holding the ordination credentials has been given the authority to pastor and oversee congregations, perform weddings, funerals and all sacerdotal functions. Ordination credentials will not be reviewed annually by the committee, but as individuals, they will be accountable to Christ For The Nations through the Fellowship of Ministers and Churches.