Fellowship of Ministers & Churches (FMC)

Christ for the Nations Fellowship of Ministers and Churches (CFNFMC), formerly known as the Alumni Ministers’ Fellowship, was founded in 1991 to provide an avenue for licensed and ordained alumni to network with fellow alumni ministers.  In December 2000, the CFNFMC Presbyters voted to allow non-alumni ministers to receive credentials from CFN as well as allowing ministries and churches to come under the umbrella of CFN through affiliation with the Fellowship of Ministers and Churches.


CFNFMC was established to provide spiritual covering, pastoral care, mutual accountability, ministry resource and fellowship for its credential holders, affiliated churches and ministries which ascribe to the vision and mission of the fellowship.


The mission of CFNFMC is to be a fellowship of people who have purposed to be faithful in stimulating one another to glorify God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, and to obey Christ’s mandate to preach the Gospel and to make disciples of all nations. We are committed to serving and equipping our members in carrying out their respective missions; to license and ordain qualified ministers, local church elders and leaders in the body of Christ; and to be a covering for local churches and ministries who decide to affiliate with CFNFMC.


The CFNFMC holds to the Statement of Faith espoused by Christ For The Nations, while recognizing the diversity of beliefs among Spirit-filled Christians of Scriptural integrity.  Therefore, we open the arms of this fellowship to include and embrace all who hold to the foundational truths of the Christian faith.


The Presbyters Board, a group of 21 men and women, constitutes the Board of Directors of the CFN FMC.

The Executive Board of the FMC, consisting of the FMC president, Rod Groomer, Dr. Sidney Westbrook, Rev. Johnny Moffitt, Rev. John Hollar, and Rev. Chris Juhl, secretary/treasurer, meets regularly to address concerns of the membership.