FMC Affiliation

Recognizing the need for independent churches and for parachurch ministries to have outside accountability the CFN FMC offers the opportunity to affiliate with this ministry.

Benefits of Affiliation

  • An increased sense of credibility by belonging to a worldwide organization which emphasizes integrity and responsible Christian conduct.
  • Churches / ministries may have the opportunity to use CFN-FMC’s 501(c) (3) group exemption status for tax exemption (case-by-case basis).
  • Churches will be able to receive guidance from the CFN FMC presbytery and Executive Board.
  • Presbyters will be available to minister to the local congregations and bring outside wisdom to the body.
  • Churches may use Placement services at CFN.
  • Churches will have the opportunity to partner with CFN missions projects.

Relational Agreements of Affiliation

  • Be in agreement with the vision and values of Christ For The Nations.
  • Be in agreement with the Christ For The Nations statement of faith.
  • Be in agreement with the CFN FMC mission statement.
  • Agree to build relationship with other ministers in the Fellowship.
  • Agree to actively participate in building the Kingdom of God, through this body, to the best of their ability.

Requirements for Affiliation

  1. Each church/ministry will be an autonomous body and, therefore, must have its own charter/bylaws.  If the church/ministry is just starting out, CFN FMC can assist in establishing its charter/bylaws.
  2. Each church/ministry has the option of obtaining its own 501(c) (3) or may obtain it with affiliation.
  3. Each church/ministry must agree to certain standards in order to come under the 501(c) (3) group exemption of the CFN FMC.
  4. Each church will give a minimum of 2% of its gross income to the Fellowship on a monthly or quarterly basis to support the Fellowship and provide for its on-going growth.
  5. Parachurch ministries are excluded from the 2%, but the annual fee to maintain affiliation is $250.00.
  6. Each church/ministry will be required to apply for affiliation and interview with a CFN FMC presbyter.
  7. Each church/ministry should be committed to relationship, responsibility, and accountability to the Fellowship and its apostolic team.
  8. Once a year, the affiliated church/ministry will submit a report describing the ministry activities throughout the past year.
  9. A proper system of financial recording must be functional in the ministry, reflecting financial integrity. The affiliated church/ministry must submit a copy of its financial report a minimum of once a year, and within 30 days of the end of the financial year.
  10. Each church/ministry will be required to complete a six-month entry review period.  A CFN FMC representative will visit newly affiliated churches within that period and give a report.