We are in awe of what God has been doing here at Christ For The Nations this past year! There is evidence of His supernatural grace in so many areas of the ministry, and we are truly grateful.

Looking back at this past year in which we celebrated our 70th anniversary, we must celebrate all that God has done:

The highest number of families are enrolled this semester.

A significant increase in enrollment in our online program– this means we are reaching a wider audience of those who are unable to be here on campus with us.

Our academic program is being revitalized to be more relevant and responsive to the needs of our modern culture.

Campus renovations continue with roofing repairs of all commercial buildings, the complete remodeling of the Agape women’s dorms. We have also installed new seats, new flooring, and new lights in the Institute Building.

Several Divine connections with organizations such as Grand Canyon University (co-enrollment), and a large Christian broadcasting network (prayer call center).

Our three 70th anniversary celebration events: The evening services of the VOH conference went on until almost midnight as attendees reveled in the presence of the Lord. The Envision banquet was well attended, and the alumni gathering had more than 150 alumni join in the celebrations.

On Reformation Day, which coincides with Halloween, we hosted an all morning worship time in honor of the outpouring of God’s Spirit on the campus.

What we want to celebrate most is experiencing a great move of the Lord throughout this year. Both students and staff have encountered the presence of the Lord so profoundly that many mornings we have had to extend chapel! We believe that as it was with the kings Hezekiah and Josiah, God is bringing a spiritual restoration. There is a deeper place with God in corporate prayer and worship, and we are seeing God rebuilding our strong spiritual foundations.

As the leadership of this organization is transitioning from my father, Dennis, to me, my heart is to position CFNI as a place of intense spiritual training and encounter with God. Students must be equipped and empowered to go into the world to bring the life and love of God to their families, cities, and beyond. We want our alumni to reconnect and be refreshed. My heart is also to rebuild the campus providing better dorms for the students, increase our capacity to compensate our staff well, and to more generously support the work of missions around the world.

We want you to be a part of all that God is doing here at Christ For The Nations! Would you prayerfully consider a generous year-end gift to Christ For The Nations as an expression of your partnership with what God is doing here?

We recognize that nothing that is accomplished at Christ For The Nations can be done without the foundations of prayer and the work of the Spirit of God. We also acknowledge that we cannot move into all that God has for us without your faithful and generous support. Would you respond right away?

We anticipate an even greater year in 2019, as we embrace all that God has for Christ For The Nations. We invite you to join us!

Many blessings,

Golan Lindsay